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Back In Beijing

Beijing Skyline

Celebrating Life

It’s been three years since I last stepped foot in Beijing. When I left here it was such a painful time as I received a call that my son, Ian, had died suddenly. You can read about the events that unfolded in my book: Watching Eyes. I rushed home to the states within hours of the news to be my family without saying goodbye to my friends and family here in China.

Certainly as traumatic as the day was I’ve always had a great love for China and deeply missed those who I became so attached to during my three years teaching at Beijing International Studies University. Unfortunately, I lost contact with many of my students, but I’m grateful for those that I stayed in touch with.

Now is a time of celebration as my journey is not to teach, but to reunite with those I love and have missed so much. Mario, Yi Ben, was one of my students here. Over the years we have become very close. In fact, he has truly become a son to me.

So the greatest part of this visit is participate in the celebration of his marriage! I couldn’t be more delighted that he has met such a lovely woman, ZhangJian (Amber, is her English name).

I’m overjoy as I feel the Lord has taken me so far in these past three years, not only have I traveled to over 30 countries doing ministry, but my heart has healed from the great pain of Ian’s early departure to heaven.

So, I’m going to celebrate. I’m rejoicing in the fact that life goes on and we do overcome. Tragedy strikes most people in life, yet despite the pain, those who love God are confident that through His solace joy will be restored. I am a living testimony of this realization.

We miss those we love, but we embrace the possibilities of the future -the future of new life – new experiences – new beginnings. One of the keys to life is a knowing that time unfolds great possibilities as we keep our heart open. Now that I am here, I’m going to share my adventures with you.

First Impressions

I flew here direct from Tel Aviv on Hainan airlines and it was an excellent flight. The attendants were great, the food delicious, and the cost was really affordable.

Important to note was customs at the Beijing airport was a breeze. They took my fingerprints twice at two different locations, which is a new procedure from three years ago. But, it was so synchronized like a well-oiled machine. There were people guiding you all the way.

But my favorite impression today was one of welcome and kindness as I felt the warm greeting I received from my son, Mario. My second was the fact that the sky was blue and not hazy. This is great to see. One of the things I didn’t like about living in Beijing was the pollution.

Today, the skies were blue and the streets were clean. Mario (Yi Ben) shared that the government has moved all the factories away from the city. This has made a tremendous difference. Also, Beijing continues to grow and even the skyline has changed with the new Z15 Tower, which measures 528 meters that is two times the length of the Titanic.

I’ve always felt so safe in China. This time is no different as Mario and I discussed how he can run here at night without ever feeling alarmed which is not the case in a lot of large cities in America today. Thankfully I am still on Tel Aviv's time zone so we went out for a mid-night massage. Haha... I'm normally not a night owl. Besides the people and food - now I remember how much I miss the affordable massages. I use to get one every week. I truly got spoiled in China. As they say, indulge yourself. Well while I'm here I intend to take advantage of the spas.

But, on a side note - do your clothe shopping at home as the brand labels are very expensive here.

Joy City With My Friend Ruth

During these two weeks I will do just that. I will keep my heart open. And I will enjoy what I love most: visiting my friends and family, eat great Chinese Cuisine, and see the local sites. I’m going to share with you little tidbits of my life over the next two weeks. I hope you enjoy Beijing through my eyes.


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