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Journal Notes - What The Spirit Is Saying

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Abundant Life Surrounds Us

Glances Through My Journal

We are surrounded with opportunities to embrace life and experience peace in every situation. Today, I sit inside as we have just been surprised with over three feet of snow in Port Angeles, Washington. This is unusual for this time of year and many places are closed so I have decided to snuggle into the flow of things while reflecting on my past journal entries.

The first note I read reminded me not to be stagnate in spirit (Zeph. 1:12). But instead we are called to seek the Lord, to be humble, and that in the day of danger - He will perhaps hide us (Zeph.2:3). Moreover He will care for us and restore our fortune. We are to: seek the Lord, seek righteousness, and seek humility. As we listen to the world news it can be disconcerting, yet we are to pray for our leaders and also unity within the Church while trusting the Lord has everything that concerns us in His hands. Knowing that He is for us gives us assurance during difficult times.

8 stagnate free keys to living a good life

1. Trust in the Lord - He is with you.

2. Accept instruction - what is the Spirit saying - obey the Word

3. Be purified in the Lord - Willing to repent

4. Ask the Lord to take pride and arrogance from you. We should desire humility!

5. Rejoice and be glad for God is with us and will fight our battles.

6. Be an expression of God's love to others.

7. Share the "good news" through your life.

8. Enjoy life

We are challenged to always grow in Him. It is easy as you recognize that He is ever present. Take time today to thank Him for being near to you. And be open to show your faith by loving people well along your journey. As you enjoy your life others will naturally want to join in.


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