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Take the Leap - Traveling Solo

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Have you ever found yourself wanting to take a trip, yet you cannot find anyone who’s free to travel on your time frame or perhaps no one wants to go to the same destination you are interested in? Well, don’t let that stop you! Think about taking a leap and traveling solo on a cruise. That’s just what I did this fall as I wanted to go to the Balkans, especially Saint Petersburg, Russia. To my delight, as I searched the web, I found that Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) not only had a cruise on their beautiful ship, The Getaway, in the fall, but they also offered affordable solo pricing where other cruise lines charged full price for double occupancy (That means you pay as though there are two passengers).

Norwegian also offers solo cruise deals where you can choose from free shore excursions, specialty dining, WiFi, or open bar on selected cruises. Connecting with fellow solo travelers is easy as each day on the ship “solos” have a gathering time with a special “Meet & Greet” on the first day. During one of our social gatherings a passenger politely reminded me, that these meetings were indeed for “solo travelers” as I incorrectly called it a singles gathering. He let me know, right away, that many “solo travelers” may have a partner who just couldn’t get away at the same time.

Exploring off the ship was simply amazing as the Baltics are quite beautiful especially in the fall with all the trees changing. It was a bit nippy, but I brought the appropriate clothing to stay warm. While embarking on my daily adventures I often found other “solo travelers” to connect with along the way. I met the most fascinating people from all over the world during the ships shore excursions. It was a great experience as people gracefully asked if I would like a photo taken (they saw I was traveling alone) and this opened the door, to strike up conversation.

The activities on the ship are immense and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to join in. The crew was excellent and always made me feel welcome. People were having a great time, and invited me be part of their experience. Of course there were the moments were I just wanted to take it easy and be alone and that too was pleasurable. As I reflect on my trip, I’m grateful for so much, especially that I got to go the Baltics, I felt safe, never lonely, and enjoyed being a “solo traveler”.

I truly love cruising from exploring the ship with the vast activities onboard, the amazing variety of excursions, spa experience, and of course the dining options as they all keep me engaged and happy. For dining, I personally enjoyed the Garden Café as it is an open buffet and I like to have lots of options to choose from. I would walk around and look at everything that was available and than go back to those dishes that seemed tantalizing as well as healthy.

As much as I enjoy traveling with friends and family I found “solo traveling” on a cruise to be a wonderful experience. I got to choose exactly what I wanted to do and see and it opened up opportunities to meet people I may have never met if I was travel with someone. My Baltic Cruise with NCL was such an incredible experience that I will always cherishbecause of the gracious people I met, the historic significance of each country, the incredible architecture, quaint shops, cafes, bakeries, cathedrals, palaces, gardens, and the cobble stone streets I wondered. It made me feel as though I was walking through an historical novel (especially in Saint Petersburg as I relived Danielle Steels novel: Zoya).

Treasured memories like the delicious hot salmon soup I found in the outdoor market in Finland, to warm my chilled bones, are unforgettable. Every port we visited was special as well as our sea days when I enjoyed the spa, classes, and the stellar evening entertainment. At the end of the cruise I decided to take advantage of the cash back offer for making a deposit on future cruises, as I knew I would be traveling with NCL again. There is still much to see and cruising is a great way to see the world with ease, pleasure, and safety. What a delight to travel, relax, and have fun at an amazing price even as a solo. Check out for your next cruise adventure - you too will find delight and perhaps you too will be surprised by just how much fun you can have as a “solo traveler”.


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