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Think Globally With Acts of Kindness

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Thinking Globally with Acts of Kindness

Press forward into a global prospective challenging yourself to greater heights and depths as you focus on your part related to the issues facing the world today. So, what do you do? How can you make a difference? For most of us the situation seems to be overwhelming at best. Yet, the answer is simply that it begins with you. You might be saying, not me again. But, yes it is true for each of us needs to embrace ourselves.  It begins with loving and appreciating yourself; your social and economic background; nationality, and faith all contribute to your worldview or lens from which you see your ability. Once you come to a realization of just how special and uniquely qualified you are to affect those around you in a positive manor you are well on your way to thinking globally.

As a unique individual you have been given skills and influence, which can touch each person you meet. I often think of the story of the ‘good Samaritan’ in the Bible where a selfless man stepped out to help another during his journey. We too are on a journey each day and there are people we can help along the way. We may not have a position high in government or in a corporate setting, but we still have an amazing opportunity to share goodwill and joy with those we encounter.

Those we share kindness and acceptance with will hopefully, in turn, pass on those benefits merely because their mood has changed. Truly you have made a difference whether it is small gesture through a text message, email, or phone call. Or maybe a visit, flowers, a nice meal might encourage a neighbor. If every neighbor took the time to share kindness with each other the world would change for the better from neighbor to neighbor.

Imagine if you where really busy and someone stopped to help you just because they saw you where distressed. How would you feel? Yes, we do touch the world with simple ‘acts of kindness’ effecting those around us who in turn share their appreciation with others even if they reach out unconsciously. There is a motion and rhythm of love naturally dispersed quenching the negative movement, which was burning that day and thus in turn birthing forth life and joy. 

We see example of this in shows and various stories where people have bought coffee or a meal for those less fortunate.  You can influence the world having a global perspective through ‘acts of kindness.’  So, I encourage you to take a moment today to not only pray for those you love, but step out and share an ‘act of kindness’ with someone, perhaps even in an unexpected happenstance. It just might change your life or the life of another. You will never know unless you are willing to challenge yourself by reaching out and releasing love thus affecting the world in which we live. 


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