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Beijing Becoming A Cashless Society - Just Use Your Phone

Swipe Your Phone

Using WeChat or Ali Pay Makes Purchases Quick & Easy

Most locals in Beijing today use WeChat or Ali Pay apps for purchasing literally everything from transportation, goods, and services. Every check-out counter has a QR (Quick Response Code) the square box with lines inside. Your app is directly linked to your account via your smart phone.

I was concerned about people overspending as this system just seemed too easy. It’s actually so fast and much more conveinant than using a credit or debit card. My friends assured me that it is also much secure and you can keep track of your expenditures easily from your phone – just as you would check your back account.

All you need is your smart phone and the app. Using your phone you link with the QR code to the account you want to draw from whether debt or credit.

It has been interesting as I am using cash, and people check the money thoroughly to make sure it isn't counterfeit. Yet transactions using the phone app go smoothly.

Amazed by this new way of paying for things – I began to observe others and never once saw anyone exchange cash. So, things have changed in China quite a bit since I was here three years ago.

I'm not going to set up the app on this trip as I'm only here for a few weeks. And I actually already have cash. But next time I come to China, I will use the application for sure.

The world is quickly changing and China is a leader.

I encourage you to consider setting up Ali Pay or WeChat before you come, as it will make your life much easier during your stay. My friends even use it in the grocery store to check their items and just showed their receipt from their phone when they leave the store. Quick and painless shopping– this could be YOU!


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