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Together With Jesus

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

No matter where you go, you are never alone!

He Has Risen

Traveling the world can be scary for many in these uncertain times. Yet, we are not alone. Jesus is always with us and we can have the assurance that the Holy Spirit will guide us along the way. By trusting God that slight bit of anxiety will turn into joy as we fulfill our calling.  

Adventures with Christ offer benefits abounding as we step out in faith. For me every day is an adventure! We take a ​risk as we get out of bed and step out not knowing what the day will bring, yet it takes faith and courage to trust that the Lord truly holds all things together in His hands. Whether you are in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, America or where​ ever you find yourself – knowing and trusting God for your future is essential to peace of mind.

Yes, we are all formed differently and I have friends who are content with staying home and supporting others, like myself, to travel the world. Their mission field is in their neighborhood. It is their family, friends, and the people they meet as they go through their personal journey – celebrating life. It is simply living!

It is so exciting to know we can touch people through simple acts of kindness where we are. Our faith grows as we step out touching those around us. It doesn’t have to be on the foreign field. There are plenty of people in need here in America as we see the homeless, the broken, the lost, and the lonely. I never forgot my father sharing with me years ago that the hardest issue he struggled with was seeing people who were​ lonely.

I love to see how affective a simple smile or kind word can be as it often brightens a person's day. Make a practice of seeing how many people you can delight by bringing a smile to their face just by acknowledging them. People know when you genuinely care. Today at Firestarters, an​ evangelistic outreach at our church, they spoke about the power of prayer. All I could think about was communing with God – how God is always with us and wants to spend time with us. He delights in us as His children.

Jesus never leaves or forsakes us. We are not alone. Yet, many feel alone. Let’s love them through kindness. A smile – a kind word – goes so far or even giving a small gift is perhaps the next step. How is the Holy Spirit leading you? When I was in my twenties, a few years ago, (haha…) I was in the Army stationed in Germany. In the morning, I would walk to work smiling and greeting people on my way. It was great to see peoples expressions and how their countenance changed. I made many friends as I walked. Today, I still take the ​time to greet others. Yes, part of it is my personality, yet I made it a habit as I love to touch people and today I continue this practice.

Jesus Cares

We are not alone! Commune with God and commune with others celebrating each day, just where ever you are. There are people out there who are longing for you to step into their life, even just for a moment. Remember, where ever you are in the world you are going through life together with Jesus.


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