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"Toronto Blessing" 25th Anniversary

Worship at Catch The Fire - Toronto Blessing!

Wonders Never Cease!

What a testimony of God's goodness to experience the 25th anniversary of the "Toronto Blessing". I was invited by a dear friend, Olga, to join her for the event and was eager to attend. It was more than I could have hoped for as the presence and power of God was just amazing. And the teachings were over the top by Bill Johnson, Carol and John Arnott, Hiedi Baker, and Steve and Sandra Long. Each session of worship seemed to take me deeper into the arms of Jesus.

There were people there from literally all over the world seeking to celebrate "Catch The Fires" anointing which ushered in an sustainable move of God which brought forth revival all over the world and continues to inspire people to this day to know Him more. The glory of God was very tangible at the Church and you could see from each speaker their heart felt desire to please God through their testimonies of the past coupled with a heart to increase the move throughout the world. The message was clearly one of blessing the next generation while also honoring what each generation has to offer to build Kingdom.

A call was brought forth for unity and braking down dividing walls of denominations especially that of the Catholic and Protestant faiths with a love for Israel as well as all nations to come to know Joshua, Jesus Christ. I was personally touched by God is a deep way as I felt "the call" once again to GO! As a "sent one" to go to the nations bringing the good news to all who will listen and touching lives in practical ways was clarion call for all.

It was a time of refreshing as well as deep calls unto deep. My spirit soared as the encouraging scriptural words and testimonies were brought forth. Significant to my time there was also January 20th was the 10th blood moon and I was on top of the CN Tower with my friend, Olga. It was an unforgettable crystal clear day/night as we ate an exquisite dinner on top revolving 360 degree restaurant with an amazing view of Toronto more than 1,151 feet below. Wow!

And the evening only got better (despite the low temperatures of at least 7 below zero) as we went to pray for Olga's friend who struggled with cancer. One of my favorite things to do is to pray and see God touch people. We were not disappointed as God showed up in an extraordinary way and we are believing for a full miracle. I'm still waiting to hear the report, but no matter what I know God was present and moved on their hearts and lives. We serve a great God! I'm also excited that "the call" for revival is going forth throughout the world declaring the Jesus is Lord and He desires people to live abundant lives here "on earth as it is in Heaven."


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